Tethering the iPhone for OS X

So I am leaving this week to drive 10,000 Miles, which I will be posting more about later. At the same time I am enrolled in college and have some course work to complete. I will of course have my laptop with me but I was a little nervous about being able to find wifi hotspots out in the middle of nowhere America.

I do have my iPhone of course but it does not have a decent text editor nor does it provide me an ideal platform for doing school work or prolonged web browsing. The solution? I needed to tether my laptop to my iPhone.

For those of you who are not familiar with tethering, it is when you use your cell phone signal as a method of connecting your laptop to the internet. In the case of the iPhone I will be using EDGE to get online. Its not fast but it will do the job.

Below I will provide very detailed instructions on getting this going, not because it is too hard but because there are a lot of uninformed people out there that might want to try this.

Instructions after the jump
These instructions are for OS X only.

1) Download installer app and load it onto your iPhone, there are instructions in the linking site.

2) From installer app on your iPhone install the program called community sources.


3) Again from installer app install the program called Tinyproxy

4) On your OS X laptop (you will need an airport card), Open up System Preferences from the Apple Menu and navigate to the Sharing tab.


5) Click on the internet tab once in there. Select share your connection from Built in Ethernet. Then select airport as your method of sharing. Under airport options you can name and secure your computer in the manner you prefer. 

6) Head back over to system preferences and open up Network settings. Its best to create a new location for this but you really dont have to. Select airport off the list and hit the TCP/IP Tab.

7) Configure IPv4 Manually and set your IP to “” and your subnet to “”, you can leave all the other fields blank.

8) Now click on the proxies tab and turn on your Web Proxy, to the right of that you will enter your web proxy address enter “″. You can also turn on the same settings for secure web proxy if you would like.

9) Hit Apply Now

10) Back on the iPhone navigate to the settings menu then to the wifi menu. From here select your newly created network. Then press that little blue arrow to the right of the network name
11) Change the IP Address to Manually and enter “” in the IP field and “” in the subnet field. Leave everything else blank.

If you did everything right you are now connected to the internet through your iPhone. Its slow but it gets the job done. Enjoy!